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Arthur Hall Collection videotape #95-1A is an
interview with Joe Nash on 29 April 1995.
re: 1950s classes at Marion Cuyjet's
distinctive features of AADE
particular interest in "Stool Dance," etc.
The interview followed Mr. Nash's lecture on Alvin Ailey
at Maine Center for the Arts as member of American Dance
Festival's Humanities Team on Tour [program of subsequent Ailey performance].

Joe Nash speaks (4/29/95) of the "bright-eyed" Philadelphia kids drinking up all he had
to offer, their locking the studio door behind him so classes always ran overtime -
Conversation with Arthur Hall (3/3/96) about great impression made by Joe Nash back in
the 50s, his beauty & strength, his background in gymnastics, his "New York
style," the awe he inspired. Arthur says they couldn't get enough of Nash's classes.
He remembers performing with Joe Nash in Leigh Parham's "Pictures at an Exhibition"
for the Cotillion Society of Philadelphia (also w/ John Jones,
Marion Cuyjet, Parham, others).

Joe Nash also remembers 1976 Nat'l Negro Opera Co's Aida [Opera Ebony] at
Academy of Music, Phila (Arthur Hall choreographed three dances)

Joe Nash letter of support March 21, 1995
offering "9 folders: 1965 - 1973
additional items in the Joe Nash Dance Collection
Schomburg Center for the Study of Black Culture."
Materials donated are listed by year:
Key: JN=Joe Nash

1965 | 1966 | 1967 | 1968 | 1969 | 1970 | 1971 | 1972 | 1973

Text of poster pictued above
Iyone Nashe'
Fountain of Youth
Dance & Health Salon
Iyone Nashe' & George Williams
Arthur Hall
Libby Spencer

Special Guest Teacher from New York Every First and Third Friday
Mr. Joe Nash
5811 Germantown
Registration Aug 26
Classes begin Sept 4, 1962

Poster from gift of Elizabeth Roberts

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