Ile Ife Films, Inc.

Arthur Hall
BBWms photo (1977)

What Arthur Hall does may be called dance,
but it is also a kind of culture-making
rarely seen and sorely needed.
Arthur was an original genius.
Whatever this collection will be,
it will serve to show those young people
coming through just the kind of heritage
they have before them.

Detail of the mural "Obatala and the Tree Spirit" designed by Lily Yeh,
one of several murals that are part of Ile Ife Park maintained by the
Village of the Arts and Humanities on Germantown Avenue in Philadelphia PA.

The central figure is Arthur Hall, from the photograph above.
The figure on the left is from Obatala, Arthur Hall's signature dance.
The "Tree Spirit" at right is a recreation from a previous mural by Barbara Bullock,
who taught fine arts at the original Ile Ife Center for the Arts and Humanities.
The previous mural was on a wall that collapsed.

Elizabeth Roberts photo Eliz4197
The back door off Alder Street of the original
Ile Ife Black Humanitarian Center for the Arts & Humanities

Arthur Hall, founder and artistic director.
The first (the only?) community arts center
founded by a dance company -
The Afro-American Dance Ensemble
Listings by Arthur Hall of:
  • The West Aftrican Cultural Society (ca. 1953-1956)
  • AADE Company Members
  • Ile Ife Faculty and Distinguished visitors

    Historical Marker at 2544 Germantown Avenue in Philadelphia

    A 501(c)(3) arts organization incorporated in 1995
    Founded by

    Arthur Hall

    2021 Annual Report

    Arthur Hall Films on Vimeo

    Ile Ife Films is the original home of
    The Arthur Hall Collection

    Now a special collection in the
    Special Collections Research Center
    Temple University Libraries
    Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

    Arthur Hall and Bruce Williams
    Woodland Camps, Belgrade Lakes, Maine
    during the production of
    Snake Dance Teacher Dance (1977)

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