Outline Chronology

April 18, 1934 ~ AH born Memphis TN

1950 ~ Arthur Hall debut in chorus of The Ordering of Moses

The National Negro Opera Company
performing [ composer] Robert Nathaniel Dett's The Ordering of Moses
at Griffith Stadium, Washington, D.C., July 28, 1950.
Mary Caldwell Dawson, director
Ann Francis Garnet of Chicago, choreographer [ref: "Sledgehammer Sociology"]
(National Negro Opera Company Collection of the Library of Congress)
1951 ~ AH to Phila

1952-1953 ~ Saka Acquaye's Black Beats Band

1953 - West African Cultural Society of Saka Acquaye

1954-1959 ~ Saka Acquaye's African Ensemble in America

1955 - 1958 ~ AH in US Army, Special Services, Germany

1958 ~ Pioneer Katherine Dunham reforms her company and pioneers Alvin Ailey, Eleo Pomare, and Arthur Hall establish their companies. Arthur encouraged to investigate African heritage through dance by his mentor Joan Kerr [Joan Kerr Dancers], an angry woman noted for her foul mouth and powerful modern choreography rooted in the Yiddish tradition. Arthur's first concert presented by Joan Kerr at the Phila YWHA at Broad & Pine. Arthur Hall Afro-American Dance Ensemble began as Sidney King Dancers, then AADE, then AHAADE. Still known as Sydney King Dancers "under the direction of Arthur Hall" as late as 1962 [per Elizabeth Roberts poster]. Repertory generally presented as African Sketches at least into 1970. 16 mm film of this period may exist, specifically 1958 to 1960 Phila broadcast of Adam & Eve.

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