Arthur Hall Collection
1967 Ephemera
The items in the Arthur Hall Collection
listed here are now located in the
Special Collections Research Center
Temple University Libraries
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

JN=Joe Nash
ER=Elizabeth Roberts
AH=Arthur Hall

Ione Nash and Arthur Hall perform Temptation,
also known as Adam and Eve

AHAADE, Jan 16, 1967, Theatre of the Living Arts
Bechlch ( [1967], 16mm?, 20 min of AH choreography)
Theatre of the Living Arts
ref: Andre Gregory, director; Rochel Owen, playwright; Teji Ito, music

"African Sketches" [complete program w/credits]
Feb 11, 1967
Clothier Hall, Swarthmore
Afro-American Students Society & Cooper Foundation presents
Afro-American Dance Ensemble
"an affiliate of the Theater of the Living Arts"

AHAADE, Feb 18, 1967, Church of the Advocate
18 & Diamond,
"Frederick Douglas Birthday"

AHAADE, Feb 24, 1967
Lee Cultural Center, 4400 Haverford
"Negro Artist 1967"

By the Afro American Ensemble of the Theatre of the Living Arts
TV Guide, March 25-31, 1967, Sunday 2:00 PM, color, (Mar 26)
JN - Evening Bulletin 3/27/67 "Mojuba"

Note from Arthur Hall
AH - Repertoire Workshop: Mojuba
Look for 1967 2" video - Don Matticks, producer for WCAU
first national color broadcast by CBS

JN, March 28, 1967, Phila Tribune, "Lending their Talent"
[photo: AH & Iyone Nash in Temptation]

JN, NY Times 4/1/67, TV listing "Repertoire Workshop: Mojuba" 3:00 PM CBS

JN, "This is our Heritage" April 28, 1967, Town Hall
150 N. Broad, AHAADE w/ Rt.Rev.Dr. Harry R. Moore
[Battle Hymn of the Republic; Negro National Anthem]

JN, Philadelphia Arts Festival, May 23, 1967
Annenberg Auditorium, AADE
(African Play, Snake, Welcome)
also May 25, 1967
@ Phila Museum of Art on Grand Staircase
(Phila Arts Fest Open House)

JN, "African Sketches" AADE, July 9, 1967
Fleischer Aud, Broad & Pine [Nite Owl 7/1/67 adv.]
ER, Hand made poster, "in Concert"

JN, Variety 7/16/67 ad for CBS Repertoire Workshop
w/Vincent Price & AHAADE [Karen Warrington]

JN, "African Sketches '67"
[one copy, complete program w/ dances & credits]

JN, "AAD to appear at Foundation" [Aug 12, 1967]
Beach Haven (NJ) Times 8/9/67
(Long Beach Island Foundation of the Arts & Sciences)
[article mentions Saka "Ackguye" (sic) & Andre Gregory's
Theatre of the Living Arts, "Belch"]

[JN ref to Oct 2 (no year) perf @ Univ of Pittsburgh]

JN, "African Concert & Bazaar" Oct 8, 1967
@ Club Ruby, St Albans NY
AHAADE & Chief Bey & Egbe Ife

JN, "African American Day" Oct 14, 1967
@ Hill Community Center w/AHAADE & Rufus Harley

JN, AADE, Oct 19, 1967
@ Burlington County Human Relations Council
annual meeting, Moorestown Senior High School

JN, ER, "Show & Dance, Club Enotis" Oct. 21, 1967
AHAADE w/ The Intruders, The Sonatones @ Town Hall, Broad & Race

JN, "Fashion Explosions" Oct 28, 1967
@ Phila 1700, Pier 37 North, AHAADE &c.
[ Nite Owl 10/14/67 adv.]
[Nite Life 10/17/67]
[Nite Life 10/3/67 "The Scintillating Scene"]

JN, AHAADE, Nov 17, 1967
@ Benjamin Franklin High School, Broad & Green, 2 shows
[Phila Tribune 11/4/67, w/big picture]

JN AADE in "Africa Calls & America Answers" Nov 26, 1967
J&A Catering Hall, 1212 S. Broad [Scoop USA 11/11/67]
[ Nite Owl 12/9/67]
[complete program]

JN, AHAADE, Dec 8,9,14-16,18-23, 1967
@ Moose's Cadillac Club, 3736 Germantown
[Nite Owl 12/2/67, "Initial Nite Club Engagement"]

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