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AH = Arthur Hall
ER = Elizabeth Roberts
AADE = Afro-American Dance Ensemble

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1984 chronology

AADE @ the University Museum, U of Penna
Feb. 17 and 18
Performing Uhrobo Festival and The Visitation

ER, Sweet Saturday Night
March 6 - 11, 1984 @ Brooklyn Academy of Music

Monmouth College, March 22
Omo Africa, Shango, Celebration, Watusi,
Snake Dance, Guinea Harvest, Yamoya, and
Uhrobo Water Spirit Festival

April 14 @ Helsel Hall
Omo Africa, Obatala, Iya Ni Hura, Celebration,
Watusi, Snake Dance, Guinea Harvest

ER, "AHAAD Theatre" Africa Day, May 5, 1984
African Students Assoc of University of Delaware, Newark DE

Friends of Arthur Hall, Ile Ife North 1984

Additional material sought

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