Africana and Afro-Americana

NOTE: This page was created c. 1995 and most links are now dead.
It is retained for graphics and for historical interest.

IFA Divination Poetry

Early African American Images of the Orishas
By Oseijerman Adefumi

OrishaList Index

Ifa performed for 1996

More about Ifa

African American Web Connection by William Richard Jones, CCP
Ile Ife is linked in both entertainment and organizations.

The Original OrishaNet

Cutting to the Essence by Michael Conner

University of Virginia African Art

Afrocuban News

Gravity: An African American Journal of Politics, Art and Culture


Black Graduate Student Site

Chains: a student site with substance

African Studies at the University of Pennsylvania
All the noise and funk at one site.
Perhaps the preeminent internet resource for African studies.

Africa at the Guggenheim

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