Africana and Afro-Americana
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NOTE: This page was created c. 1995 and most links are now dead.
It is retained for graphics and for historical interest.

Frederick Douglass National Historic House
of Washington, D.C. on CD ROM at Little Africa

Arthur Hall Presents Jobo Kunda and the Gambia
The Arthur Hall Home Page & Related Links in New York
Ile Ife Museum of Philadelphia

Caribbean Cultural Center

Voodoo Information Pages

Search the Library of Congress
to find, among other things, the image above of Arthur Hall's stage debut
[see also "Chronological Outline"]
also, /perform/guide/musamer.html and /guide/african.html
and LOC's African-American Mosaic

John Henrik Clarke Africana Library, Cornell University
Tom Weissinger, webmaster and able researcher

Wanda's Abridged Book List
University of California Diversity Page

Internationally, Ile Ife is listed with the Global edition of "What's New on the Internet"
out of London, where the history stolen from Ile Ife a hundred years ago is kept.

See also London Calling's Africa Archive

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