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NOTE: This page was created c. 1995 and most links are now dead.
It is retained for graphics and for historical interest.

Zone I
An admirable gallery
of photographs

Association of Independent Video & Filmmakers

The Philadelphia Independent Film & Video Association
or go directly to PIFVA Hotlinks, which include Ile Ife

The Railroad Square Cinema

Shadow Distribution
Maine International Film Festival

African Family Film Foundation

The National Archives and Record Administration
Search 15% of NARA's still pictures, sound, and video.

Monty Python's Completely Useless Web Site

Search for Arthur Hall.
Find he played the mortuary keeper in Space Mutiny (1988) (sic).
Not much on the American Independents.
Never heard of Maya Deren, let alone Bruce Connor.

Try Indiefilms in LA instead.

A filmography - Partial list of productions
Maine Alliance of Media Arts | Maine Student Film & Video Festival
Films by Huey | MICA - Maine Independent Cine Arc

The Maine Film Office

A small selection of fine photographs from Zone I

Sisters by E.A. Kennedy

Bob Marley by Bruce Telamon

Muhammad Ali by Howard L. Bingham

Photographs from Zone I Gallery

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