Arthur Hall's 'Obatala' Highlights
His Dance Company's Varied Program

Daniel Webster
The Philadelphia Inquirer, Oct. 21, 1970

Arthur Hall finally came back to one of his finest dances, "Obatala,"
Tuesday when his company opened the dance series at the Civic Center Museum.
Many of his company's dances have cultural truths and verity, but this one
has much more. Its chief asset is the long solo dance that Hall himself performs.
He is an old king, shrouded and shielded, who takes a few bent steps after the
young worshipers [have consecrated the stage]. From those few steps develop a
widening circle of variations, always harkening back to the beginning but
extending the idea with great imagination ... this is a memorable creation
and a notable dance achievement.

Even in the most fervent moments of the dance, there is the dignity of age
and the beauty of recollection ...

Arthur Hall's Obatala
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