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Arthur Hall
Memorial page | Contributing to the memorial page | Biographical sketches | Resume | Major Choreography
Elizabeth Roberts | Marion Cuyjet | Eleo Pomare | Once on this Island

The Arthur Hall Collection
Arthur Hall Collection Directory | F. Saka Acquaye | Joe Nash
The Arthur Hall Afro-American Dance Ensemble of Philadelphia | The Ile Ife Black Humanitarian Center
The Ile Ife Center for the Arts and Humanities | Omo Ife, the children of Ile Ife | The Ile Ife Museum | Ile Ife alumni
Freedom Now Suite | Fat Tuesday and all that jazz | Logs of Collection materials by year, 1962 - 1989
Inventories of films, videotapes, audio recordings, photographs, publications, artifacts, and ephemera

The Arthur Hall Afro American Dance Ensemble Alumni
Nana Korantema Ayeboafo | Renaissance on Sacred Ground
50 Years and Counting: The Legendary Art and Genius of Arthur Hall | The 2nd Annual Cultural Arts Community Renaissance Affair
Alumni in 2008 - then and now | The Dance Ensemble in 1972 | The Scribe Video | Ione Nash project
Frances Scarborough | Arthur Hall Collection office in Philadelphia

Arthur Hall Presents
Concert Program Notes | NewVerMaine Dance Company | Ile Ife Philadelphia Maine
The Rhythm of Life | African Harvest for the World | Accent Ghana
African Festivals in American Schools | Preparing for a Residency | Costumes | Program notes and graphics
Sankofa Festival | Farnsworth Art Museum | Letter to the Ghanaian Embassy | Plans for the International Dance Center

Ile Ife - Where the world began | Films and Videotapes | Snake Dance Teacher Dance
Orisun Omi (The Well) | Arthur Hall's Obatala | Urhobo Water Spirit Festival
Tche Tche Kule: Arthur Hall's Exercises for Children | Requiem | About the company | Mission Statement
Board of Directors | Honor Roll of Donors and Contributors | Reports and Financial statements

Digital Archive Project
Project Narrative | Inventory of Videotapes in the Collection
Videos available Online | Statements and notes

Exegesis with footnotes | Oxala alter per Robert Farris Thompson
Arthur Hall's 'Obatala' Highlights His Dance ... by Daniel Webster | Obatala and the Philadelphia Orchestra
Recordings of Obatala in the Arthur Hall Collection | Oba Koso: the King Does Not Hang
Notes on Shango | Oba Koso and the end of Ile Ife by Dr. Robert J. Rutman
Obatala and Olokun per Gloria Rolando | African American Symbols of the Orishas by Oserjiman Adefumi

Arthur Hall in Ireland

New Orleans Photographs

Bayne Williams Film Co.

In Memoriam
C. Edward White | Adam Smith
Marion Cuyjet | Elizabeth Roberts


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