Arthur Hall presents

Ile Ife Philadelphia Maine
Memorial Dance Concerts

The Arthur Hall Afro-American Dance Ensemble
of Philadelphia
The Celebration Dancers and Drummers
of Belfast, Maine
The Rhythm of Life Band
and special guest artists

The Thomas J. Elias Performing Arts Center
Madison, Maine
Sunday, August 27, 1995

The Lewiston Middle School Auditorium
Wednesday, August 30, 1995

The Chocolate Church Arts Center
Friday, September 1, 1995

The Rockport Opera House Saturday, September 2, 1995

an production of
Ile Ife Films
a nonprofit arts organization

with the support of
The Maine Arts Commission

~ and ~
The Heartwood School of Art
LA Arts
The Wusserunsett Arts Council
The Greater Philadelphia Urban Affairs Coalition
The Lord Camden Inn
Cuddledown of Maine

Ile Ife Philadelphia Maine

Arthur Hall ~ artistic director
Adam Perry Smith ~ music director
Bruce Williams ~ project director
Patrice Janssen ~ treasurer
Berri Inoue ~ graphic design
Jim Williams ~ stage manager

~ technical assistence ~
Marcia Lovell, Ilona Mattson, Ethan Shrier, David Larrabee, Kevin Teel

~ cameras ~
Abbott Meader, Bruce Williams, Rebekah Carver, W. Perkins Foss
Steve Ferraris, Ethan Shrier, Ben Foss, Karen Black

~ location sound ~
Limin Music

~ dancers ~
Cheryl Agnese, Shana Bloomstein, Rebekah Carver, Ricardo Guillermo
Arthur Hall, Patrice Janssen, John Jenkins, Rita Cottman Johnson
Eleni Koenka, Kim O'Brien, Lisa Newcomb, Karen Tvarian
Veronica Wardwell, Van Williams, Diane Ziegner

~ The Rhythm of Life Band ~
Bruce Boege, James Corey, Jeffrey Densmore, Glen DuBois, Willy Kelly
Uncle Al Scheeren, Adam Smith

~ the program ~

Dance Sister Dance
Music & Lyrics by Glen DuBois

(1994) choreography ~ Arthur Hall
Dan Mask (Liberia)
Nana is a bush spirit, the equivalent of Oshun in the Yoruba culture.
The white line across Nana's eyes represents beauty, a beauty that purifies, cleanses,
and blesses public areas such as markets, village squares, theaters,
or any place where negative spirits may try to hide.

Arthur Hall ~ solo

Akom and Adowa
Ghana ~ choreography by Arthur Hall

Akom (1953) from the Ga culture of Ghana as taught by Saka Acquaye
We are proud to be who we are and turn our backs
on those who would try to change us.

~ Ricardo Guillermo, Van Williams, Rebekah Carver, Karen Tvarian, Shana Bloomstein ~

Adowa (1974) from the Ashanti as learned during the first African tour
of Ghana by the Afro-American Dance Ensemble.
A classical Ashanti commemorative dance
for those who died in defense of their country.
"The dancing mayor of Lewiston, Maine"
The Honorable John Jenkins ~ solo

Choreography ~ Lisa Newcomb
Nogo of Haiti ~ Zebula of the Congo ~ Kuku of Guinea
~ Celebration Dancers and Drummers ~

Haiti (1973) choreography ~ Arthur Hall
from the sacred original drawn from the Slave Coast and documented as early as 1619
as taught by Lavinia Williams, a member of the Katherine Dunham Dance Company.
Agwe, the Haitian god of the sea from the stomach of Dan,
Damballa, the serpent, the seminal fluid of life, husband to the rainbow.

Rita Cottman-Johnson ~ solo
Shana Bloomstein ~ acolyte

Choreography ~ Lisa Newcomb
Caribbean Islands
~ Celebration Dancers & Drummers ~

(1958) choreography ~ Arthur Hall
from the Akan (Ghana) as taught by Saka Acquaye
The witch chaser is a tiger. A dance of transformation to encourage women
to use their power for good and not for evil. Analogous to the Gelede of the Yoruba,
Tigare is ubiquitous to West Africa.
Van Williams ~ solo

Iya Ni Hura and Nin Nin Wo
Praise to the mothers & Dirge for the Queen
Choreography ~ Arthur Hall
Iya Ni Hura (1978) from the Yoruba (Nigeria) song of Obediah Craig
Nin Nin Wo (1995) from the Ga of Ghana via John Eshun
Mother, we thank you
for the nine months you carried us in your womb.
Mother, we thank you
for the three years you carried us on your back.
Mother, you are more precious than silver or gold.
Now that you have left us we show you our grief.

~ the company ~

~ intermission ~

New World Samba
music by Bruce Boege

(1958) choreography ~ Arthur Hall
~ the company ~
Arthur Hall ~ solo

Choreography ~ Eleni Koenka
music by Manos Loizos
Steps from popular Greek dance, folk, modern, urban, to embody the course
of the Greek nation, as it reflects the history of women, the pain and anger,
the wars and colonels, but also the glory and courage.

Eleni Koenka ~ solo

improvisation by Karen Tvarian
Passes between set points with an edgy freedom
to respond to the musicians

Celebration Blues
by the Rhythm of Life Band
Karen Tvarian ~ solo

Wonderful Night
music & lyrics by Glen DuBois

Miss D
A Tribute to Katherine Dunham
Choreography ~ Arthur Hall
(premiere 1981, People to People Dance Company, Camden)
The mother of modern black dance, Katherine Dunham is
Arthur Hall's mentor, whose dance technique he also teaches.

costumes ~ Veronica Wardwell
Arthur's Bayone
by Willy Kelly
~ the company ~

~ exeunt ~

The Rhythm of Life Concert
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