Arthur Hall presents
The Rhythm of Life
Benefit Dance Concert

Camden Opera House
Saturday, December 30, 1995

The Rhythm of Life Band
The Arthur Hall Afro-American Dance Ensemble
The Arthur Hall International Dance Company
And special guest singers, dancers, and musicians

Celebrating the Life and Spirit of Adam Perry Smith
(1965 - 1995)

A Holiday Benefit to restore an Historic Space in Rockland
Where International Music and Dance can come together

A production of
Ile Ife Films
a nonprofit arts organization

The Rhythm of Life Concert

Arthur Hall ~ artistic director
Glen DuBose and Jeffrey Densmore ~ music directors
Bruce Williams ~ producer
Patrice Janssen ~ treasurer
Don Isikoff ~ concert manager
Bernice Berger ~ business manager
Ann Marie Almeida ~ ticket chairman, box office manager
Pat Renn ~ intermission chairman
Nancy Meader ~ concessions
James Williams ~ stage manager

~ technical assistance ~
Joseph Klapatch of the Camden Civic Theatre
Marcia Lovell, Ilona Mattson, Amanda

~ cameras ~
Abbott Meader, Bruce Williams, Gregory Hudson, Douglas Velasco, Taylor Ongaro

~ ushers ~
Boo Hubbard, Leslie and Carl Leavitt, Karen and Glen Musella
Amie and Lindsay Eaton, Bernice Berger, Jamie Griffin
Robert Bruce Matthai and Evan Dawson Hunt
Darren, Gary, Debi Irons' husband and anonymous

pen and ink drawings of Obatala by Alan Crichton
graphic design by Amy Fischer

~ patrons ~
Alexandra Fogel, Barbara and Edward Keenan, Douglas, Hammy, Hilery and Douglas Hall
Green Keefe Real Estate, Jim Mays and Nancy Lubin, Manann, w. Perkins Foss
Barbara, Les, Elissa and Sarah Swift, Monika and Alen Magee
James and Mary Ellen Kelly, Gregory Hudson, Dean Buckley and Gail Gulick
Nancy Lukins, anonymous

~ supporting organizations ~
The Maine Arts Commission
Camden River House Hotel, Zaddick's Pizza, Once a Tree
L. E. Leonard, 90 Main Cafe, The Maine Photographic Workshops
Camden National Bank, Rockport Blueprint, Amy Fischer Design
Harbor Square Gallery, The Capt. Lindsey House Inn and The Waterworks Pub and Restaurant
The Lord Camden Inn, New Hampshire Council on the Arts
The Greater Philadelphia Urban Affairs Coalition
the Community Development office of CoreStates Bank
The Studio at Saturday Cove, the Sea Dog Brewing Company
Cuddledown of Maine

~ dancers ~
Monzella Allen, Meg Barclay, Dean Buckley, Cathy Butler-Corish
Erma Colvin, Dagney Ernest, Anya Freiman, Sonja Ganguin, Katherine Gifford
Ricardo Guillermo, Gail Gulick, Arthur Hall, Samuel Hall, William Hall, Megan Hamill
Debi Irons, Patrice Janssen, John Jenkins, Rita Cottman Johnson, Bridget Kelly
Lisa Morgan, Gina Peabody, Diana Sorus, Tony Spotton, Martine Toulouse
Xania Tuton, Van Williams

~ musicians ~
Annegret Baier, C. Quay Blount, Bruce Boege, Jonathan Boulware, James Corry
Al Crichton, Jeffrey Densmore, Glen DuBose, Dave Grisaru, Willy Kelly
Greg McGowan, Rachel and John Nicholas, Carol Stone, Kevin Teel, Michael Wingfield

~ the Rhythm of Life program ~

Instrumental Prelude
Kevin Teel, acoustic guitar

Composed by Willy Kelly
~ The Rhythm of Life Band ~

Angel Friend and If it Weren't for Love
Music and lyrics by Rachel and John Nicholas

(1959) Choreography ~ Arthur Hall
Liberian from the original of Pearl Primus
A dance of welcome for the New Year, newborn babies
returning soldiers, and strangers
From our hearts with open hands and no arms (weapons)
We welcome you, whether you are from the North, South, East, or West

Xania Tuton ~ solo

Sierra Leone
(1972) Choreography ~ Arthur Hall
from the original of the National Dance Company of Sierra Leone
The community dons their finest clothing to welcome strangers and visitors
~ Arthur Hall International Dance Company ~

Ode to Yemanya
(1975) Choreography ~ Arthur Hall
from the original of Chief Hawthorne Bey
Yemanya is the goddess of the Ogun River in Nigeria.
Slaves arriving in the New World gave thanks to her for surviving the Middle Passage,
making her the goddess of the Oceans as well. Her husband is Olokun,
lord of the undertow

Music ~ traditional Afro-Cuban
~ Arthur Hall Afro-American Dance Ensemble ~

Akom and Adowa
Ghana ~ choreography by Arthur Hall
Akom (1953) from the Ga culture of Ghana as taught by Saka Acquaye
We are proud to be who we are
and turn our backs on those
who would try to change us"

~ International Dance Company ~
Adowa (1974) from the Ashanti as learned during the first African tour
of Ghana by the Afro-American Dance Ensemble
a classical Ashanti commemorative dance
for those who died in defense of their country

"The dancing mayor of Lewiston" John Jenkins ~ solo

(1972-73) choreography ~ Arthur Hall
from the original by les Ballets Africains of Guinea
learned during their visit to Ile Ife in Philadelphia
Traditionally done by young women graduating from bush school,
the dance shows the strength and beauty of young women ready for marriage,
having learned the traditional community values

~ Restaged by Erma Colvin and performed by her African class ~

Haiti (1973) choreography ~ Arthur Hall
from the sacred original as taught by Lavinia Williams,
a Katherine Dunham Dance Company member.
An ancient dance drawn from the slave coast
and documented in Haiti as early as 1619.
I particularly loved to dance the various congos,
but it was while dipping and swaying, knees close-pressed,
back undulating in the yonvalou as seen in Dahomey today
in obeisance to Damballa the serpent ...

Katherine Dunham quoted in Black Dance, p. 55
Rita Cottman Johnson ~ solo
Xania Tuton ~ acolyte

Requiem for Adam
Choreography ~ Arthur Hall
Annegret Baier ~ djimbe
Arthur Hall ~ talking drum
Dave Grisaru ~ cello
Music and lyrics ~ Blessed Mother by C. Quay Blount ~ piano
~ the company ~

~ intermission ~

Drum Processional

Places to Go and The Road Home
Music and lyrics by Rachel and John Nicholas

Dance Sister Dance
Choreography ~ Debi Irons
Music and lyrics by Glen DuBose

Afro Blue
dance impovisation
Carol Stone, vocals

Tribute to Shango
Cuba (1979) choreography ~ Arthur Hall
Based on the Afro-Cuban Santeria, where Shango (an historical Yoruba king)
is recognized as the god of lightning, thunder, drums, dancing, and yams

~ the Afro-American Dance Ensemble ~

Obatala and Shango
Choreography ~ Arthur Hall
The Creative travels to the Arousing Thunder.
Obatala, the calm and passive, whose color is pure white,
travels to visit his best friend Shango, the active and passionate,
whose colors are red and white, "to see the fire in Shango's eyes."

Arthur Hall ~ Obatala
Cathy Butler-Corish ~ Shango
Shango (1987) is drawn from Arthur Hall's choreography for Oba Koso

The Pearl
Choreography ~ Erma Colvin
A personal 'thank you' for the inspiration of Adam's drum.
Music by the Samite of Uganda
Erma Colvin ~ solo

Moon Dance
dance improvisation by Debi Irons ~ solo
Music and lyrics by Van Morrison
Carol Stone ~ vocals

Choreography ~ Arthur Hall
In the spirit of Lavinia Williams, high life, low life,
and parodies of courtly European postures, celebrating
individuals in community,
Congo Square Saturday night.
~ the company ~

~ exeunt ~

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