Arthur Hall's Hazlett Award (1980)

From its inception, the Arthur Hall Collection has included 16mm film,
photographs, and ephemera from the Hazett Awards presentation and performance.
The award sculpture itself, pictured at top, disappeared when Arthur left Philadelphia in 1989.

Profiles in Excellence
Arthur Hall


(1989, 8:34 minutes)

The full public television program is also available on YouTube, but it is completely
out of sync. Embedded here is a corrected copy in sync with color correction.

Arthur Hall interview, "Flea on the dog's back ..."

Shots of Watusi rehearsal at Ile Ife w/James Marshall and a dancer named Earl

Artifacts from museum

Betty Alridge interview, "... roots."

Obatala rehearsal footage at Ile Ife
w/Betty, Amanda Greene, Andrea Battiste, Delphine Mantz, Jackie Corley

Tom Smart interview, "...important to me."

Obrafo Luther Alridge interview, "... nothing else out there ..."

Shots of drummers at Ile Ife
w/Obrafo, Jomo Amen-Ra, Andre Gregory, Vincent Williams, Tom Smart, Jojo Williams

Arthur Hall interview, "... correct social ills ... therapy of the arts ... if you really try ..."
AH at Ile Ife rehearsing Obatala

Pennsylvania official, "... high point of my life ..."

Co. performance of Obatala at State Forum Theatre in Harrisburg

w/ Arthur Hall, Vincent Williams, Tom Smart, Jojo Williams, Obrafo Luther Alridge, Gamelle Williams
Curtis Redding, Nana Korantema, Elizabeth Roberts, Vangie Brown, Betty Alridge, Amanda Greene
Kalilah Allen, Andrea Battiste

End titles:
Producer/Director - Wm. Gary Perdue
Videographer/ Ass't Director - Ned Faust
Audio - Janice Stief
Ass't to the Producer - Deborah Lehrer
Video Editors - Howard Nangle, Frank Samansky, Dave Eckenroth
Graphics - James Campbell
WPSX TV - Penn State TV - 1989

Arthur Hall Collection 16mm camera rolls (Color, Silent)
Original 16mm film shot by Bruce Williams is now in the
Arthur Hall Collection, Special Collections Research Center
Temple University Libraries, Philadelphia, PA
Numbered C11 / C12 C14 / C15

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