Memories of Arthur

While quickly glancing at the paper this week, I was jeted right into the middle of my childhood and summers in Camden. At first I smiled to find an article on Arthur, and then was shattered to see another in the obituaries.

My childhood would not have been the same without Arthur to push my creativity and my technical skills as a young dancer. He transferred his love and joy of the form to us and gave us a lasting love of life. He taught us to be the best, to be dedicated and true to ourselves, and he impassioned us with the feel of our bodies moving through time and space.

Now as an adult, with the dancer's world now the stage of my restaurant, I long for those lessons and often miss the nights of arduous dancing till the late hours of the evening. "People what are you doing? Again, five, six, seven, AND ..." We have lost someone that chose our little community to spin his web and shine us with that twinkle in his eye.

Arthur, I will miss you, and yes, we have all grown up just fine with a dusting of your magic.

Waterworks Restaurant
Rockland, Maine

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