Hi Bruce,

Thanks for giving me play by play details. It was very sad to read. I had no idea that Arthur was sick for so many years. I wish that we had stayed in touch so I could have let him know that I was praying for him ... It may have made Arthur feel a bit better knowing this.

Somehow I don't feel old until the people who touched my life start passing away. I feel the giants will be there forever. As a dancer, Arthur was one of the three most influential people in my life. This makes two who are gone now and one who is in her 80s. You never really know how much a person has instilled in you until you're out on your own and have to draw upon what's there.

Because of Arthur, I was able to start a type of Young Audiences program in the school systems of Orange County in Orlando. The concept of taking the arts was here, but only the Southern Ballet and Symphony were doing it. Then I came to this southern, KKK, good ol' boy town talking about African Dance! Well, I don't suppose I have to say any more. After 15 years one of the most prestigious colleges in the country has taken over the program, and I work out of their offices now. I even taught a few semesters on campus... African Caribbean Dance & Black Dance History. Arthur taught me how to put together an assembly program that's both educational and entertaining. When I presented it to the right big wigs ... they ate it up. This and Disney have kept a roof over my head ever since.

Reverend Margo Blake
see also Margo's history with the Afro-American Dance Ensemble

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