James Corry

The drum doctor
of Philadelphia

biographical | credits

James Corry began working with the Arthur Hall Afro-American Dance Ensemble in 1967 He was a member of the Ile Ife Center from its very beginning, teaching art and drumming to young protgs. He is a sculptor, painter, and tailor as well as a musician. Mr. Corry performed in the original production of Orpheus (1973) under the musical direction of Odean Pope. He moved his family to North Carolina in 1974 and did not return to live in Philadelphia until 1987. Since then he has been active in Young Audiences, performing with several different groups, and maintaining his business making and repairing drums. He occasionally accompanies Arthur Hall as an artist in residence in schools and colleges, most recently with my brother Adam, the late Adam Smith, for whom James Corry performed a most exquisite memorial.

Other recent credits include ~

drum captain - And the Children Danced
Ile Ife Philadelphia Maine (1995)
The Rhythm of Life (1995)
Arthur Halls Obatala (1993)