Ibrahim Ferrer
New Yorker, Oct 18 & 25, 1999, p 24

Alter for Elegua
Michael Wingfield and Cabildo
Filmmaker Gloria Rolando
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Anniversary Alter for Elegua by "Ramoncito," Guanabacoa, Cuba, 1991
Photograph Ivor Miller from R.F. Thompson's FACE OF THE GODS, p.162

Filmmaker Gloria Rolando arrives US October 1996 for national tour with her films My Footsteps in Baragua and Forever present OGGUN. A videotape copy of OGGUN was presented to The Arthur Hall Collection by Chester King. We first saw this film at the Museum for African Art in New York during the Face of the Gods exhibition in 1994 and still find it a very sophistocated and moving document of Ogun in the New World.

Gloria's proposed film on OLOKUN

Michael Wingfield

African-Caribbean percussion
music teacher | artist in residence

39 Cushman Street
Portland, Maine 04102

Catalog of Cuban music available from
PO Box 1256
Old Chelsea Station
New York NY 10011


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