Woodcut by Skye Inoue, age 11, 1996

Heartwood School of Art
Fourth summer residency by Arthur Hall
July 17 - 27, 1996
Performances July 26 and 27 at 7:30

Dance stick by Hanna Lukins


Children's class ~ Urhobo Bird Masquerade
Page Andrews, Ryan Entwistle, Megan Carter, Ella Stiler Cote, Marie Cushing
Nate Cluff, Lucy Hancock, Skye Inoue, Hanna Lukens, Elizabeth Lowry, Jenny Pierpont
Katie Pierpont, Rachel Smaldone, Abbie Strout, Anika Tifft, and Allie Yeatts

Teen class ~ Yanvalou
Katherine Gnecco, Micah Inoue, Marissa Lombardi, Eileen Rooney, Laura Rosenfeeld
Linsey Shields, and Jenna Van Loo

Adult class ~Ode to Yemanja
Beth Bejcek, Tim Coppinger, Paula France, Marilyn Giles, Ricardo Guillermo (solo)
Kris Lotoski, Pat McGargill, Cheryl Mitchell, Susan Nappi, Rachel Phipps
Peter Sentner, Julie Stiler, Linda Tichenor, Pam Tifft, and Joanne Whitney


Brandon Klarich
George Abele
Special guests for the performances, Mark and Morgan Klarich and Peter from Tobago

Special thanks to Arthur Hall's assistant Van Williams
Classes and one performance recorded by the Arthur Hall Collection

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