Mother of us all, whose spirit you carry,
as the year goes by and many more to come,
may you be blessed for eternal life.
We the offspring grow from your feedings
of Unity and Tranquility.
Have a festive 69th birthday,

School Repertoire Costumes

Obatala | Sierra Leone (Welcome) | Fanga | Olokun

Ghana Harvest | Calabash | Akom | Agbaja

Urhobo Masquerade | Bird Masquerade | Ghana Mask Dance

Dance Conga | Tche Tche Kule

White cloth, white head wraps, white feathers and fans, silver jewelry

Welcome Dance of Sierra Leone
Loose fitting kaftans or boubous reaching from wrist to knee,
can be coordinated or individual, gaily colored, embroidered, or tie dyed

a scarf in each hand - wraps for girls, shorts for boys - bright colors and headbands

faces painted red and white, red and white strips of fabric, red and white dowels

Harvest Dance of Ghana
brightly colored scarves tied around waist - fly whisks made of raffia, yarn or paper
boys in shorts, girls in brightly colored leotards

all white with golden trim, gold on wrists and ankles
white head dresses with gold trim
calabashes or baskets or bowls to represent calabashes

white cloth
(or white cloth stamped with Adinkra symbols)
note: head dress & albow ties

tie dye wraps

Urhobo Masquerade
sculpture hat created using favorite things ~

Bird Masquerade
Bird masks - fabric wings from top of head to wrists

Ghana Mask Dance
traditionally a lion mask on top of head - alternate images as desired

Dance Congo
bright caribbean carnival colors, scarves for the hands, flowers for the hair
beaded jewelry, ankle bells optional

Tche Tche Kule
scarves, shorts, t-shirts, street cloths, anything goes

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