Obatala at Philadelphia Museum of Art

Arthur Hall Collection
Obatala at the Philadelphia Museum of Art

Note: The first 16mm roll, Obatala at PMA 01 (c.1978, AHC.079.161 and IIF 16 A05,
Black and White, Silent, Running time 10:39) was filmed by Bruce Williams.
The second, Obatala at PMA 02
(c.1978, AHC.079.160 and IIF 16 A04,
Black and White, Silent, Running time 11:33) was shot by Rick Pedolsky.

Does anyone recognize the film crew seen at the tail? Looks like an Arriflex with
sync sound on cable. Would PMA have had a crew documenting the event?

The original 16mm rolls of film are now in the Arthur Hall Collection at the
Special Collections Research Center, Temple University Libraries
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

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