Ousmane Jobarteh (Gray Parrot)
Dedicated his radio program
Mostly Manding
to the memory of Arthur Hall
Tuesday, 18 July 2000, from 2:00 to 4:00 PM EDT
broadcast at 89.9 FM Blue Hill and 102.9 FM Bangor, Maine

Email Gray at Jobo Kunda at jobo@acadia.net
also see Jobo Kunda and the Gambia

Gray provided the original studio recording to the Arthur Hall Collection 26 July 2000.
Masters for AHC.CD.2000.5 and AHC.CD.2000.6 were prepared 31 July 2000.
A two-CD copy is available from the Arthur Hall Collection.
To subscribe or inquire email jw157@columbia.edu

AHC.CD.2000.5 -- 57 min 44 sec -- 11 tracks:
  1. AHC slate
  2. Program opening - Gray's introduction
  3. Gray reads opening of obituary
  4. Ode to Yemanya, Arthur Hall Afro-American Dance Ensemble (1973) from AHC.CD.2000.2 [note]
  5. Gray speaks
  6. Telephone interview with Van Williams from Philadelphia
  7. Passages from the ballet Orpheus, Arthur Hall, director, Odean Pope, music director (1973)
    from AHC.CD.2000.3 and AHC.CD.2000.4 [note]
  8. Gray introduces Jim Rorden in studio - discussion
  9. Dan Cummings telephone call
  10. Gray speaks
  11. Station ID

AHC.CD.2000.6 -- 47 min 55 sec -- 11 tracks:

  1. AHC slate
  2. Gray speaks
  3. Gray's interview with Arthur Hall from 18 July 1992 [note 2]
  4. Gray speaks
  5. Diane Lee visits studio
  6. Ewe music from Ghana
  7. Gray speaks
  8. Mark calls from Camden
  9. Chis Covert calls from Hancock
  10. Chis Covert calls from Hancock again
  11. Obatala, Arthur Hall Afro-American Dance Ensemble (1973)
    from AHC.CD.2000.2 [note 1]

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Note 1 -- The music in the backgound during spoken passages is often from a live recording of Arthur's ballet Orpheus [see 1973] made by filmmaker Raymond Hartung. Also in 1973, Mr. Hartung made studio recordings of the Arthur Hall Afro-American Dance Ensemble singing Ebierio, Ya Ni Hura, Ode to Yemanya, and Obatala. In March 2000, Mr. Hartung donated these original recordings to the Arthur Hall Collection. By way of insuring their preservation, we have made both analog and digital copies of the original recordings, providing CDs to Gray for this broadcast.

Note 2 -- Gray's studio recording of the 18 July 2000 tribute to Arthur is recorded on a two-hour DAT tape, which was donated to the Arthur Hall Collection on 26 July 2000 along with the original cassette recording of Gray's 18 July 1992 broadcast interview with Arthur, Chucky, and Adam -- AHC.CD.2000.7.

Arthur, Adam, and Chucky - 22 January 1993
Concord [NH] City Auditorium
World premiere of The Four Elements
photographer unknown

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