Arthur Hall

When will we see Arthur? Is Arthur still my God Father? Will Arthur see Adam and his Mom? These are the questions my children ask. We are all very sad that he has died. We were so grateful that he was a part of our family. We will miss him, but we will always feel his presense.

I had the great opportunity of working with Arthur several times in Portsmouth, in Durham, and a big field trip to Philadelphia with 25 children. He always amazed me, the way he could come into a school and in 5 days change the school forever. His ability to identify the child who most needed to be "King" and make him "King". He knew so much about each child by watching them dance. We all learned so much from him. I will be forever grateful.

My fondest memories of Arthur are the times he visited in our home. His "room" will always be his. My three children loved him and always felt a strong connection. He always had time for them. Even after very full days of teaching. He was such a special man. I am glad that my children knew him.

We will miss you Arthur....but we never will forget you. How could touched our lives so are a member of our family in life and death.

Love Always!!!
Pam, Michael, Kim, Zach and Jessie Felber

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