Fri, 7 Jul 2000
To paraphrase, If people are all dancing together, then there would be no time for war.

Arthur Hall (April 18, 1934 - July 6, 2000) bound people together in his love. A great light has been split, not extinguished. It is up to us all now, who had the good fortune to meet or work with him, to carry the mantle of dance as a vehicle for love. What grace has been bestowed upon us by the creator in this living wonder of a man, we carry forward and share in our art and life.

May Arthur dance in ecstasy. I will find him in the swirling clouds and waters, in the falling rain, in the slithering snake and living things of the earth, in the flames of sunrise and light of blazing day, in the glowing moonlight and cool scent of flowers on a moist evening. I will taste him in the fresh brewed ale, and see the gleam of his eye glancing from the white feathers of wading birds and birds aloft. He will bring me laughter in remembrances of him, and joy while lost in the dance. He taught me to dance through my pain with pride and defiance. Arthur has returned to the House of Love and I will cherish him in my heart of hearts.

One love,
Ricardo Guillermo

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