Eleo Pomare

The Eleo Pomare Dance Company also formed in 1958, a very good year for dance apparently. Of the four, Eleo is known as the choreographer with the most anger.
I'm labeled ... angry ... because I will not do what they want from a black dancer. They want black exotics ... I have something to say and I want to say it honestly, strongly and without having it stolen, borrowed or messed over.
Eleo Pomare
Johnson, "I Must Be Black and Do Black Things"
New York Times, Sept. 7. 1969, Sec II, p 31
from Black Dance from 1619 p 298

Arthur Hall also remembers Eleo's anger. "I'd say Eleo in a soothing way, but he'd just keep pacing. 'The sons of bitches, Arthur, the sons of bitches ...'."

Born in Colombia, raised in Panama and Harlem, educated at the famous High School for the Performing Arts, Eleo Pomare's choreography is still seen today, most notably as performed by the Dayton Contemporary Dance Company.

Pencil portraits of Eleo Pomare and Arthur Hall
donated to the Arthur Hall Collection by Gretchen Abendschein.
undated, perhaps ca. Brooklyn Academy of Music, 1983, 1984?
artist's signature indistinct, perhaps Michael Green?

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