Summer Storm Passage

Abbott Meader

Summer Storm Passage

(16mm, 1964, 18:35 minutes)

The philosopher John Dewey wrote,"The local is the only universal. Upon that all art
is built." This film, a "home movie" from 1964, shows the influence of Stan Brakhage,
who I had come to know personally. It was Stan who first encouraged me to make films
and as a friend, critiqued my results on and off for years. This silent film employs
a rhythmic montage of a broad range of imagery to develop a silent totally visual
"tone poem".

A place. Earth and sky. A barn. A bird. Winter into spring.
The welcoming land comes to life. A woman holds one yet unborn.
A summer storm embraces the land. Earth and renewal are blended.
A child appears and explores the land's nameless newness.
In the sky a bird is seen, and the child stares upward in wonder.
Eternal return.

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