Isolation (1972-74)

Abbott Meader


(16mm, Silent, 1972-74, 5:21 minutes, silent)

I feel that some of the silent pieces might be seen as visual music. Perhaps a bit
pretentious to say that, but such pieces as ISOLATION are something of the sort.

This is a film that every time I see it I want to re-edit it, just for fun. It is like a jazz improv,
and could be different during the next set ... the rhythms, the pauses, perhaps with longer passages
and variations in visual tonality, theme and variation, recapitulations ... all sorts of musical terms
might be applied. There is no real narrative development here. The film suggests that a boy
in a rowboat sees glimpses of the world around him. The boy whose image you see is our son,
Darmon, and long ago I was a similar boy as well.

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