Criss Cross

Abbott Meader

Criss Cross

(16mm, 1964-65, 5:17 minutes)

Back in the 60s my friend Duff Decker and I would put together sound collages and swap
them back and forth. The sound track for this film is one of Duff's tapes. It presents
shifts and oppositions that may make no logical sense, but which move along like a jazz
riff. I decided to search out scraps of my own work and some old commercial prints and
make a visual structure to "cross over" his sound. It was the 60s. Could we together
create a meaningful meaninglessness? An abstract flow of cohesive irrationality?
It was all around us.

For me, it turned out well. I can look at it again and again and be amused and provoked,
That, for me, is meaningful. Give it a try, and if you don't like the piece, blame Duff.
He started it

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